WBU's Rising Star of 2017!


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World Boxing Union Announces Its 2017 Rising Star!

(Atlanta, Georgia, USA) (27 December 2016)- Don “Moose” Lewis, President of the World Boxing Union, Inc.-the “WBU”- proudly announces the WBU Cruiserweight Americas title to be contested by Yahu Blackwell in Feburary 2017.

yahu sparringStates Mr. Lewis, “After seeing so many boxers over the years, never have I been so excited about a young man working with the WBU as he climbs the championship ladder to eventually reach his goal to become a WBU World Champion, I am pleased to have worked work his management team these last few months to guide them through the title process. Mr. Blackwell has not only a strong amateur background of 156 wins against only 28 losses but has an even more stellar character. He has worked to feed the homeless when not training, stood by his late mother through her illness, and found his faith in his family history thus becoming “Yahu” which means “Messenger“. Yahu shows in the record book a record of O-1-0 (due to a dramatic weight loss to make the contracted weigh-in weight) but that does not take in account his record of 15-0-0 with 12 knockouts in the International Scottish Boxing League. This more than qualifies him for our title and definitely puts him on the fast track to world champion status. No doubt he will be the ‘WBU Rising Star of 2017.”

For more information on “Yahu Blackwell”, please contact the WBU Corporate Office.


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