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Yahu Blackwell Fights For A Greater Cause Than Himself

yahuvolBaltimore, Maryland, hometown of WBU and IBU ranked boxer Yahu Blackwell, has seen an increase in crime and homeless in the last decade. Although Blackwell continues to focus his energy on perfecting his craft, he refused to turn his back on the City that he proudly calls "home".

Blackwell is taking an active stance in aiding the creation of a brighter future for his beloved City by providing much needed food to the number of homeless residents and providing inspiration to local athletes. Blackwell feels with his City behind him supporting his dream, he can in turn help the City to grow.

Lending a helping hand to others is part of the champ’s regular routine. After learning of the growing homeless problem, Blackwell set out to feed those in need on a weekly basis.  “The mission is a drive to extend and share meals to the less fortunate all around the city of Baltimore,“ says Blackwell. As those he assisted became more comfortable, they shared their stories and Blackwell learned more of the appalling conditions the less fortunate men and women of Baltimore were living in. After observing the conditions first hand, the champ realized this was now part of his purpose.

To date, Yahu Blackwell’s mission has distributed a reported $2,000 worth of food to the people of Baltimore. Not only do they line up for the desperately needed supplies but for the opportunity to shake the WBU ranked fighter hand in gratitude.

“I look forward to continuing my mission of making sure people who are hungry have food to eat and clothes on there backs” Blackwell said. “Through the donation of supply’s, clothes and food, I know I will be making those in need lives a little easier and that is the best gift of all.”

Support the WBU and IBU future world champion as he continues to pursue greatness inside and outside the ring.


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