Yahu Blackwell Goes One-on-One

WBU One-on-One with Yahu "Rock" Blackwell by Chris Glover

CG:  What's your boxing career been like up to now?

YB:  I started boxing and getting involved with combat sports when I was 7 years old. It has always been a passion of mine. My record was 156-28 as an amateur. I was boxing and training in MD, PA, and up in the Jersey area. My pro career started off very rough, we were struggling financially and didn't have the resources to properly prepare. In 2009 I lost my pro debut. I was so sick that night! was dealing with severe dehydrated and fractured my right hand. But since then, things has been going well. We went overseas, boxed in the IBL and there I went 15-0. And now we are preparing to handle business in the ABC. 2017 is our year!

CG:  How did you get started in boxing, why box?

YB:  Boxing was the only thing that kept my attention. As a child, I tried to pick up other crafts but never could stick with it. Boxing is what I love! and I feel is a part of my calling.

CG:  What are your aspirations for this year? And the future?

YB:  2017 is going to be amazing, making my fight tv debut as well as will be capturing a few titles. I've worked extremely hard over the years! It's my time now!

CG:  Who if anyone would you like to follow in the footsteps of?

YB:  Great question. Muhammad Ali! He is a true champion! Not just for victories in the ring, but what he has done for humanity. My legacy will be similar.

CG:  Whats your opinion on the WBU?

YB:  I think the WBU is great! A long list of great champions come from the WBU. I plan on up holding the tradition.

CG:  Any News on your next fight?

YB:  Yes, fighting in Feb for the WBU America's championship. I'm so excited! and looking forward to showing the world what I 

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