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Yahu Gavriel Blackwell Ready To Take 2016 By Storm

          Blackwell is currently training for his next fight on June 18th, 2016 where he will be on the world stage competing for a WBU America's Cruiser weight title. His latest training is meant to push him past his current limitations and take him to a whole new level. These are extensive sparring sessions where Blackwell is taking on 4-5 different sparring partners insuring that each one coming in is fresh and ready to take him on. These bouts are lasting 8-10 rounds where he is consistently pushing his limits and insuring that each fighter is at their best before taking him on.

Blackwell’s trainers are currently pushing him in all the right ways by making sure the champ is ready to deal with any opponent he may face in the ring. His mentor and coach Daniel Goody and are the masterminds behind this new training regiment and have brought him to Las, Vegas Nevada to follow the training they’ve laid out. The Blackwell staff are doing all of this to prepare Blackwell for the next big phase of his career as a cruiser weight boxer.

Blackwell’s record as a professional boxer in the International Boxing League (IBL) is a very impressive 15-0. which shows how impressive his drive to be the best no matter what league he is fighting in. He has boxed in Spain, Great Britain, and a number of other countries, and has trained with Roger Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather Sr., and Freddy Roach in the past in order to refine his boxing skills and push himself even further. Blackwell will not stop pushing his limits and taking down every challenge that comes his way. Blackwell's only noted professional loss was back in May of 2009 (ABC), where he suffered a broken right hand and life threatening levels of dehydration. The bout was stopped due to severe medical reason's.

With his incredible track record of wins in his current league Blackwell is preparing for the next phase in his career. Through his intense training regiment his trainers hope to prepare him for anyone that may step into the ring by making huge adjustments to his expectations with each fight. 2016 begins the next step in Blackwell’s already promising career and through his discipline both inside and outside of the ring he hopes to show that he is ready to stand at the forefront of boxing as a major contender and role model to others who want to get involved in the sport.

At this exciting time in boxing, we can all sit back and watch this future champion reach new heights both inside and outside of the ring through Tv fights, championships, and more.

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