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Yahu (Rock) Blackwell Aug 20th Title Bout Postponed

yahu3You see, “prizefighting” behaves only nominally like a sport. It’s easier for a fight to not happen than it is for it to actually happen. There are an endless array of things that can kill a boxing match and no one entity that can force a bout to happen. These are some of the more common categories of fight-murdering factors.

So many things about a fight can be negotiated. It’s not like the NBA where the rules are consistent: the basketball is the same size in every game, the court is always set at 94 feet long, the home and away games are determined by the league far in advance without any mechanism for appeal.

In boxing, everything is up for grabs: glove weight and brand, ring size, bout weight, who walks out first, whose name is first on the poster, bout location, whether it’s on a fighter’s home turf or whether he has to fight before an audience of people rooting against him, the referees and the judges. Almost all can be determinative (at least the parts that aren’t related to just pure ego), which is why it’s all so frequently negotiated.

WBU ranked boxer Yahu "Rock" Blackwell was forced to postpone his championship bout with Christopher Renty yesterday.

The fight was scheduled to be held at the Sugar Creek Casino on August 20th, 2016 with tickets believed to have been sold out for the event.
It’s likely a new date will be announced at a later date. Comcast Sports Net was set to televise the championship bout from Hinton, Oklahoma.

“We trained extremely hard and was fully prepared to give the fans a great fight and stop Renty on the 20th" Explain's Blackwell.

Yahu "Rock: Blackwell was making his return to the ABC after competing oversea's in the IBL, compiling an impressive record of 15-0.

“We will remain focused and keep working hard, everything happen's in Yahuah's time." says Blackwell.

New championship fight date will be announced soon.

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