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Canada now has its own World Heavyweight Champion

...and he is called "The Boogeyman"!

WBU World Heavyweight championship fight from the Videotron Centre in Quebec City Friday night:

Heavyweight Adam Braidwood (7-1) traveled from Edmonton for his chance at immortality in contesting for the WBU World Heavyweight title and scored the biggest win in his career, knocking down Eric Martel Baholeli (11-7-1) twice in the 5th round for the TKO victory to capture the gold and the title. Wisdom was that the longer this one went, the more it favored the more experienced Bahoeli, and indeed it was the local Quebec fighter in control over the first three rounds. Braidwood though would start to dominate physically in the 4th, in fact almost pushing Bahoeli completely out of the ring when the two locked heads together. Braidwood took full advantage of the upper hand and never relented for the duration, almost stopping his opponent as the 4th. The beginning of the 5th was delayed as the ringside physician examined a cut caused by a head butt under Braidwood's eye but saying he would allow one more round before stopping but the extra time wasn’t nearly enough for Bahoeli who went down rather easily from an equally exhausted Braidwood. Bahoeli managed to climb to his feet but was visibly wobbly and glassy-eyed and the bout was wisely called. Canada now has its own World Heavyweight Champion and he is called "The Boogeyman"

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