Marselles Brown Press Conference

Rosario Mexico Weigh In

As soon as we arrived in Roasrito, Mexico, we were taken directly to the weigh-ins at a small beach front restaurant that hosted the press conference for the WBU Heavyweight Title fight.

This title fight would match the reigning seven foot, WBU Champion Marselles Brown 31(23)-18(13)-1 against a very tough Saul Montana 53(47)-18(11). The electricity could be felt in the air by everyone attending the press conference. This was going to be a war.

As expected both fighters expressed their intentions to knock the other fighter out and not allow the fight to go the scheduled 12 Championship rounds that it was set for. 

Marselles Brown addressed the media and other attendants in the crowd and expressed how grateful he was for the town of Rosarito to host this title fight as well as appreciation for Saul Montana for excepting the fight. Brown said he would be bringing the smelling salt to the fight, so Montana could be revived once he knocked him out. This drew an applause for everyone in attendance.

Montana also expressed his intention to knock Brown out in the fight. Montana said he has faced multiple champions in his long career and was definitely ready for this fight.

Both men seemed very confident in their ability to end the others night with a knockout. Again getting an applause from all in attendance.

The tone of the press conference definitely set the atmosphere for this WBU Heavyweight title fight. It is definitely going to be a very exciting fight to watch.  

With both men being of their size and stature, both men have the ability to end the fight with their power punches.

Friday September 23, 2016
Official weigh-ins

mfightAt the weigh-ins both men kept to their own perspective camps with very little interaction with each other.

Fist on the scale was, Saul Montana. Montana weighed in at an official weight of 260lbs.

Marselles Brown weighed in at an official weight of 300lbs even.

Both Brown and Montana faced off with each other for photos for the media. Once the photos were done both men exchanged a hand shake and it was clear that the both had the utmost respect for each other.

This will be the main event for the WBU Heavyweight World Title. There are five other fights scheduled for this card that will be taking place in Roasrito, Mexico, Saturday night at 8pm.

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