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WBU – World Boxing Union Names New President Effective Immediately

(Atlanta, Georgia, USA) (4 January 2018)- Stockholders of the World Boxing Union, Inc., known as "the WBU", proudly announces the appointment of Tony Rodriguez, Jr., former WBU Vice-President of WBU USA-West, the new President of the WBU effective immediately.

States the WBU Executive Committee, “It is time for a new direction for the WBU and we are pleased to appoint someone who has experienced the various trials and tribulations of championship professional boxing. Mr. Rodriguez has experience in television production, boxing matchmaking, supervising title fights, as well as being former WBU VP. The WBU is ready for its new chapter and the new year. Mr. Rodriguez becomes the first President of Native-Mexican heritage to lead a professional championship boxing sanctioning body in the world. His experience allows him to immediately fulfill the responsibilities this position without question.”

Mr. Rodriguez offers these words, “I proudly accept the mantle of President of the WBU after previously working with the organization. Until I left, I didn’t realize how much the WBU was a part of me. I am home again. My vision for the WBU is to provide all overlooked professional fighters title opportunities with the dignity, respect, and equality they deserve regardless of ethnicity. This is not a private club open to “members only” but championship boxing for all professionals regardless of color, creed, or religion.”

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