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Yahu (Rock) Blackwell Rising Star, Eyes WBU Supremacy

yahu4Most boxer's are motivated by the pursuit of a common goal: reaching the pinnacle of their sport, standing on the world stage and having an world championship placed around their waist.

Yahu "Rock" Blackwell, a 29-year-old Hebrew boxer pegged to become one of the sport's next big stars, is no different in that regard. Ever since he first stepped into a boxing gym at 7 years old, winning a world championship has been his ultimate goal.

But Blackwell has another motivation as well. One that extends beyond personal glory and into more altruistic ambitions.

If all goes according to plan, Blackwell hopes to help restore his people to Torah.

Blackwell is the oldest of 3 siblings. His mother, Sandra Blackwell, re named him after coming into the truth of there royal Hebrew ancestry. She hoped that her son could also be a source of inspiration to the world.

The family grew up in Baltimore, Maryland a city that has been plagued by a history of violent crimes in recent years.

"It was a rough" Blackwell said. "But Yahuah always provided for us"

From a young age, Blackwell proved to be athletically gifted.

"Yahu has amazing hand speed, timing, power, and boxing prowess" says many boxing observers.

"I've fought in the IBL overseas 15 times, and I've won 15 times. So I plan on doing the same thing when I return to the ABC" he said. "I don't care who's in front of me, I'm going to give it everything I've got."

New championship fight date will be announced soon, Stay Tuned.

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